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30illusions's Journal

30 Illusions - the final illusion writing journal
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30 illusions
[ word of words ]

Keep writing. Keep doing it and doing it. Even in the moments when it's so hurtful to think about writing.
---Heather Armstrong
[ about this place ]

30illusions is loosely inspired off of sakuracity100, as in with the idea of taking your character (or characters) and write a drabble or short-fic about them.
[ the rules & posting ]

o1. Obviously you need to be a member of finalillusion to actually claim and write here.
o1 a. Second of that, you'll have to join with your journal and your character's journal as well~
o2. Comment right here with your claim.
o3. If you're writing a drabble make it no less than 100 words and no longer than 500. A oneshot can be as long as you want it to be.
o4. Maximum claim number is 2 characters and they can only be your own. No writing about other people's characters. Just yours.
o5. Since you're claiming your character try not to incorporate too much of another person's character into your story, okay? A couple of lines of dialouge would be fine but nothing too much~
o6. There is no set timeframe for when these are to be complete by. It's your character so take as much time as you want to write about 'em.
o7. Remember to write your character with them in the finalillusion verse, kay? There are some cities that aren't on the map that were in the character's game.
o8. If you want to drop your claim? Just post right here in the actual claim's post and tell me, mmkay?
o9. Comment here when you complete your claim.
1o. Let's all be nice and behave towards one another, okay? No telling someone that their writing sucks and that's sad because that would be way more than rude.

copy and paste this when you post:

~ Your story has to be put behind an lj-cut (<*lj-cut text=""*>) but sans the stars or a fake-cut (text link.)
~ You can interpret the theme(s) however you want. Just make sure your interpretation makes sense with the theme, though.
~Don't combine themes please.
[ the themes ]

Here Be the Theme Set; 1 - 3

more may be made at a later date. Depends on if I can think up more things, or if people will give ideas. ;3